Beyond Parsing: A Language Engineering Podcast

Are you developing multiple similar products? Ever wondered if you could somehow describe what makes each product unique and abstract away the technical details?
This is what Language Engineering is all about!

Beyond Parsing is where we talk to our guests about their experience with language engineering, highlighting the benefits and discussing the drawbacks.

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tool qualification with oscar slotosch

Using DSLs helps shorten development time and reduce errors. This is true for many domains, including safety-critical ones. Yet, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. How can you make sure that errors in your tools do not harm or kill people? We invited tool qualification expert Oscar Slotosch to find out.

Interview with Igor Dejanović

Igor Dejanović, the founder of the textX project, tells us about his experience implementing domain-specific languages and tooling for hardware testing and law codification and how the tooling benefits the users. We also talk about the business value and teaching of DSLs.

Interview with Fabien campagne

In this interview with Fabien Campagne we talk about his experience with MPS in academia and industry. We cover topics like

  • Fabien’s MPS books,
  • How MPS helps computational biologists analyze data faster and avoid incorrect conclusions,
  • How much time it takes graduate students to become productive with an MPS-based tool,
  • The main misconception that potential users have about MPS-based DSLs,
  • The drawbacks of the current proliferation of YAML and JSON in the industry,
  • and many others!

Interview with Daniel Ratiu

Are your domain experts making many mistakes in their specifications that developers only discover much later, leading to costly rework?

Learn how Siemens Corporate Research & Technology uses JetBrains MPS to quickly and iteratively build custom engineering tools that can check specifications for errors on the fly and provide immediate feedback that the engineers can understand.